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With ten years of experience covering all aspects of real estate, Alistair Anderson is the new editor and managing director of Property Flash; the ground-breaking new media platform.

Property Flash provides news that is first, relevant and accurate. It also features a property podcast, opinion pieces from dynamic people who work in various real estate subsectors, interviews with business leaders, listings for rental space of varied kinds and updates on property developments which will change peoples’ lives.  

Alistair is a perfect fit for this role, bringing fresh insight to an industry which is a critical cog in South Africa’s economy.

He won the South African Property Owners’ Association (Sapoa) best News Writer of the Year three times and was a runner-up in the Features Writer of the Year. He wrote well-researched entertaining to read pieces which provided significant and valuable analysis for readers across South Africa and beyond. These readers included shareholders in listed real estate investment trusts (Reits), developers, estate agents, students, concerned residents and the general public.  

“I am thrilled to step up and lead a new media platform which will provide its audience with the variety of real estate media which they have not been able to access easily, if at all. Property Flash is the place where people can access articles, web flashes and the analysis that applies specifically to them. We offer the most comprehensive mix of real estate media content in South Africa. It is our mission to guarantee this and, as editor, I am committed to ensuring that the quality of what we do is always best-in-class and never compromised,” says Alistair.  

We welcome our readers and viewers to the most comprehensive property media platform in South Africa. We trust you will enjoy your stay!

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