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Developer : Bulelani Skaap
Location : Khayelitsha
Name : Ace
4 star hotel
Completion Date : 5 December 2022

Khayelitsha is set to enjoy its first ever luxury hotel, as local businesspeople Bulelani and Annette Skaap develop a four-star offering for residents in the township.

Skaap, popularly known as ‘Ace Mabheka’, said he had “trail-blazed in the lifestyle and entertainment facets” of life and was ready to enter the residential sector of South Africa.

They will develop The Spade Boutique Hotel and Spa as they look to draw people from across the Western Cape. Mabheka already owns Kwa Ace Lounge, Kwa Ace Kitchen and Kwa Ace Eparkin, which have all become popular tourist attractions for local and international visitors.

“Under his portfolio he has built lifestyle and entertainment spots, Kwa-Ace Lounge, Kwa Ace Kitchen and Kwa-Ace Eparkin which have all become popular tourist attractions for local and international travelers.

Ace Mabheka said people from across Cape Town deserve to have access to a luxury lifestyle; not just people from privileged backgrounds.

“Khayelitsha is the largest township in Cape Town. It is a vibrant township known for its entrepreneurial spirit and social development projects. The people are friendly and inviting, the area is rich in culture and diversity, and is truly a SA experience that will stay with you forever,” he said.

Annette Mabheka will be the CEO of the hotel.

“We are pleased to introduce our new business expansion with the development of our first luxury hotel. This project has been in the making for more than four years but it suffered challenges because of the global pandemic, Covid-19, which affected businesses across the world,” she said.

The hotel will have the backdrop of the Cape Winelands, Helderberg Mountains and Table Mountain.

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