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The Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA) spent millions of rand on a mobile app that never worked. Suspended CEO Mamodupi Mohlala disregarded the appropriate supply chain management processes when she procured the app which was supposed to help estate agents adhere to national real estate agent regulations.

Malatji & Co. Attorneys found that R3.6m was paid to software company Rural Brand Technologies (RBT) to develop the mobile app that never functioned properly. The law firm recommended that the PPRA stop using the RBT app and that a group of employees and Mohlala be disciplined. She also did not follow a competitive bidding process before RBT was appointed.

Malatji & Co. Attorneys said RBT’s proposal to develop the app, should have been rejected. Mohlala who was suspended in April for a slew of allegations, awaits a disciplinary hearing. She has said she will defend herself amid allegations of non-compliance with the Pension Fund Act and doctored procurement processes.

Investigators, Kettle Consulting had reported that she stopped deducting pension fund contributions from a group of employees’ salaries, in order to boost their salaries. Mohlala also faced criticism for failing to produce fidelity fund certificates (FFC) for people who had completed their qualifications to become estate agents.

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