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Apart-hotel developer BlackBrick is set to launch Artistry, a new entertainment and dining venue located at its buildings in Sandton.

BlackBrick converts offices into buildings with hotel and apartment features. Tenants can use facilities at any BlackBrick nationwide.

The group is collaborating with two South African celebrities and entrepreneurs, musician and chef, J’Something and music and entertainment entrepreneur, Ricardo Da Costa; the man behind The Ivy and Altitude Beach.

Artistry will “ignite the entertainment scene in Sandton in early 2023”, BlackBrick’s Jonathan Liebmann said.

The restaurant and live entertainment offering will operate from within BlackBrick’s Fredman property first.

“Artistry is a three-level experience which will take guests on a journey from the rooftop
restaurant, then on to the middle level for live music and theatre performances and, finally, to
the street-level lounge bar for an unforgettable after party. The perfect trilogy operating in one
eco-system and igniting all the senses,” Liebmann said.

J’Something said there was rich inspiration behind Artistry.

“Everything we do is inspired by the classics, the things that have managed to stand the test of time; from the food to the drinks, the interior and the architecture, we keep it real by only adding the essential parts to our spaces,” he said.

The Rooftop would include an eatery, bar, pool and outdoor cinema. The menu would take a purist approach to classics such as steak and potatoes, fish and chips, pizza and burgers.

The 100-seater theatre is intended as the birthplace of original ideas and will be home to a variety of performances ranging from unplugged music and theatrical performances to comedy shows, movie premieres and unique curated talks, said Liebmann.

There will also be a DJ crew at the After Party Bar which will open onto a planted terrace.

“From an economic perspective, this development could be the catalyst for the rebirth of Sandton not just as a business node, but as a cultural node too attracting a new generation of South Africans and visitors from around the globe,” Liebmann said.

The Artistry concept would complement the BlackBrick Sandton development on Fredman Avenue. It was developed by Setso, a private group.

J‘Something said Artistry would be a platform for growth across all the creative industries.

“BlackBrick and myself have come together as creative minds on this project. The name Artistry really does explain a lot about what we are trying to achieve. This is not meant to be a trendy nightspot for a set period of time, it is intended to become a way of life. The Artistry philosophy even extends to the furniture which features mostly recycled pieces. Things that have stood the test of time will be given the stamp of Artistry,” he said.

BlackBrick will soon have two buildings in Sandton, one in Bedfordview, one in Cape Town’s Foreshore, with numerous others in the pipeline.

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