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The Waterfall precinct officially re-branded on Monday as Waterfall City, a 2 200-hectare area which includes housing, office towers, industrial parks and The Mall of Africa.

Over the past decade, Waterfall City has grown into a precinct which has attracted people from areas such as Sandton, Pretoria and the east and west of Gauteng.

Willie Vos, CEO of Waterfall Management Company, said Waterfall City had become successful in a relatively short space of time and was now a brand.

It would focused on four new cornerstones, “each equally crucial to its success”.

It would be a a city of connection first. 

“Waterfall City is a place where you can connect all aspects of your life, be it living, business or leisure. This cornerstone speaks to the City’s convenient location, future-proofed infrastructure, world-class fibre optic and wireless communication network, as well as impressive road network and range of public transportation options,” said Vos.

It would be a city of commerce second. “Waterfall City, in the economic heart of Gauteng, is the hub of choice for international and local blue-chip brands in leading industries. This cornerstone covers the City’s commercial developments: office buildings and business parks, retail centres, logistics and distribution hubs, and four hotels,” he said.

It would also be a city of care.

“Waterfall City is a stable, robust environment where business and communities can flourish; a City that cares for its people and the planet. This cornerstone is all about safety, sustainability, healthcare and well-being and the fact that it is a Smart City, striving to improve the quality of life for its citizens,” he said.

It would be a city of community.

“Waterfall City is home to multiple residential estates in an inclusive community, where diversity is celebrated and learning and community building are encouraged. This cornerstone encapsulates the concepts of multi-generational living, education, and the fact that Waterfall City is a lifestyle destination. It also incorporates their SRI programme: Waterfall City Cares,” Vos said.

Jackie van Niekerk, CEO of Attacq, which is a majority owner in Mall of Africa and the owner of numerous assets in Waterfall City, said recently at a results presentation the city was a resounding success so far and would stand out as a competitive node into the future.

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