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The Vukile Retail Academy will launch nine exciting small retailers as the retail-focussed property fund looks to grow its tenant base.

Vukile said it wanted to support economic growth by openning doors for emerging small retail businesses.

It wanted to create meaningful opportunities and, this year, it has selected nine small retail businesses from more than 100 applicants. They would then occupy certain Vukile malls.

The first five candidates opened at Randburg Square in Johannesburg, Gauteng, at the beginning of October.

“The Vukile Retail Academy is all about fostering mutual success and economic inclusion. Its aims are building these SMMEs and growing the retail tenants of the future, expanding the tenant base for Vukile shopping centres with new retail experiences and ultimately benefiting the entire retail and retail property industries and supporting economic growth in South Africa,” Vukile said in a statement.

Laurence Rapp, CEO of Vukile Property Fund, sayid: “We are excited to further the economic development of South Africa and empower the next generation of retailers through innovative partnerships and a shared passion for retail. We are thrilled to welcome the Vukile Retail Academy’s first candidates.”

The nine retailers selected for the programme’s 2022 launch are in different early business stages. Some started selling online, others from markets and pop-ups.

“Together with Vukile, they will take a giant leap forward into the exciting formal retail space – a highly competitive arena that, until now, has been inaccessible to most people starting on their entrepreneurial journey,” Vukile said.

The first nine Vukile Retail Academy candidates include Fakizinto Concepts and Malea Garments in the fashion, clothing and shoes category. Food retailers include Delisabhem Restaurant, The Scrummy Ice-Cream, Tso’s Cafe and the confectionery of Zanwabo Cakes.  Lielo Beauty, Ikhaya Homeware & Décor and Mbewu Fruit and Veg complete the line-up.

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