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The Rea Vaya bus service project is being expanded into Sandton as from Monday October 17.

Sandton has in the past used more eco-friendly transport than cars and encouraged people to use bicycles. Helping to get more people into and around Sandton Central with accessible and eco-friendly public transport, the City of Joburg’s fast, convenient and affordable Rea Vaya bus service is back on track to launch in South Africa’s vibrant commercial capital, according to Elaine Jack, City Improvement District Manager of the Sandton Central Management District.

After the Covid-19 pandemic delayed the project, construction of the final Rea Vaya station in the Phase 1C route will begin on Monday October 17. The second station of two in Sandton Central will be built on Rivonia Road, between Katherine Street and Sandton Drive and Fifth Street, over 18 months.

Throughout the entire construction process, Rivonia Road will remain open to pedestrians and vehicles, and all businesses on this stretch of street will remain accessible, including Sandton City’s Protea Court pedestrian and vehicle entrances. However, there will be some traffic restrictions and disruptions.

The first phase of the project is complex, Jack said. For the road to be widened, all underground cables and services must be removed and reinstalled in new locations and new sleeves by their respective owners. This time-consuming process requires extensive coordination.

The initial phase of work is expected to take eight months, during which two lanes of Rivonia Road in either direction will remain open. The area will be hoarded to keep pedestrians safe, and all pedestrian crossings will remain accessible and available.

“As the country’s financial hub, every day Sandton Central attracts many people for business, tourism, shopping and pleasure. While there will be some short-term disruption to traffic, people from around the city and beyond will benefit from this new, convenient form of transport in Sandton Central,” said Jack.

“The new Rivonia Road station is the final element of the many infrastructure improvements already made to roads, pavements and public transport to support the Rea Vaya service in Sandton Central. We are excited about the station and the future commissioning of the C1 route. Projects like this help Sandton Central remain at the forefront of well-managed central business districts,” she said.

Started in 2009, Rea Vaya already operates between areas such as Parktown, Doornfontein and Soweto. In 2024, Sandton Central will join this popular service designed to better link areas around the city.

Sandton Central is a key destination in Phase 1C of Rea Vaya, which began construction in 2014. Phase C extends Rea Vaya’s route from Joburg’s Park Station to Parktown, Orange Grove, Wynberg, Alexandra and on to the Sandton Central stations in Katherine Street and Rivonia Road.

The Reya Vaya project widened the Sandspruit Bridge, which is the gateway to Sandton Central on Katherine Street, between Marlboro Dive and Grayston Drive. The bridge was rebuilt and expanded from two to six lanes, relieving traffic bottlenecks. Its two centre lanes are reserved for Rea Vaya busses.

The new Rea Vaya infrastructure also features 30.5km of walking and cycling paths and a dedicated cycle and walking path from Alexandra to Sandton.

The Rivonia Road Rea Vaya station is just one block from the Sandton Gautrain Station, creating a new integrated transport system that complements and links with modes of transport already in place, such as Metrobus, minibus and metered taxis, as well as walking and cycling.

Jack said the Rea Vaya initiative aimed to create a greater public transport culture in Sandton.

“It is a more affordable and environmentally friendly way of getting around. Because the Rea Vaya enjoys priority lanes, it is also a faster way to travel. These rapid bus transport services are a standard feature of leading cities worldwide. For Sandton Central, it ensures that South Africa’s financial hub continues to be well positioned to attract business, investment, shoppers, tourists, work forces and residents, with its availability of easy, sustainable, and affordable personal transport,” she said.

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