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February 14 2023

Atholl Towers, developed and managed by ALW Properties, is a superbly designed and built part of the Sandton skyline, a signature building in the largest commercial hub in South Africa. This 5-Star Green Star rated building with iconic tenants has registered availability for additional top-end tenants.

Located between Katherine Street and Patricia Road, Atholl Towers is the perfect workspace for tenants who want easy access to and from the commercial epicentre of Southern Africa.  Located between the M1 highway and the Sandton CBD, it is close to arterial roads which connect to other mixed-use premium residential and commercial nodes, including Melrose and Rosebank.

Tenants can be comfortable knowing that they are operating out of a space which was built using sustainable materials and which is managed using green technology.

ALW Properties’ vision in Sandton

The ALW Properties team, at the time led by Gary Woolf, was behind the development of this premium grade office complex, which was one of the first privately owned office developments to apply for a green star rating with the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).

“We broke ground on phase one in May 2010 and VWSA moved into their building in October 2011. They were drawn to a building which was designed with energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in mind. In 2015, a few years later, we completed the 2nd phase of the project consisting of a 10,000 square metre addition to the property, which was awarded a 5- Star Green Star SA – Office v1 Design certification,” says Woolf.

After living, working and studying abroad for more than 30 years, Woolf returned to South Africa in 2005 and joined ALW Estates, now ALW Properties. Since then, he has been enthusiastic about environmentally friendly property development. ALW and its team have looked to drive the company forward, expanding the property development and managed property portfolios, and the focus on green building.

Atholl Towers – A proud Sandton citizen

Atholl Towers is a flagship asset managed by ALW Properties given its top green credentials, striking facade and reliable amenities. It was built on spec when economic prospects looked more stable; and designed with the vision and talent of AMA Architects.

“This is an asset which competes impressively with other office buildings in Sandton. Atholl Towers is an enticing address for businesses in Gauteng,” says Graeme Stilwell, Managing Director of ALW Properties.

The building comprised of two phases. The first phase included roughly 4 400 square metres of total gross lettable area. It has been occupied by VWSA National Sales Organisation (NSO) since completion.

The second phase, which was completed in April 2015, is multi-tenanted and has a total rentable gross lettable area of roughly 10 200 square metres. It also includes 480 parking bays with five basement levels.

Atholl Towers’ other tenants include Macsteel IBSS, MUR Shipping, Aware and The Capital Hotels and Apartments. At an average gross rental per square metre of R180, this is a competitive and value-laden office environment that needs to be seen to absorb the amenities, outlooks and established landscaped grounds.

A key attraction is that it lies on the edge of Sandton’s CBD which appeals to tenants who want a Sandton address without the Sandton traffic.

“It has a Sandton address which suits those tenants who do not necessarily want to be in the congested and sometimes chaotic centre of Sandton. It is easy to access, secure, energy efficient and lies very close to major motorways. We remain proud of Atholl Towers, more than a decade after its opening,” says Stilwell.

Atholl Towers – A Shining Green Light

But how does an office like this attain a 5- Star Green Star SA – Office v1 Design rating? For a start, it benefits from a direct electricity supply from Eskom, ensuring lower energy tariffs and includes priority parking bays for energy efficient cars. Other developers have in fact had to catch up in terms of green design since Atholl Towers was developed.

Building technology specialist, Aurecon was commissioned to provide Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) services for the project, which exceeded the initial Green Star ambitions for the building by incorporating a range of innovative sustainable features, Stilwell explains.

It was built with double-glazed low-emissivity (low-E) treated glass, a highly efficient heat recovery VRV (variable refrigerant volume) air conditioning system and cyclist facilities. It is exceptionally energy efficient and vitally, water and loadshedding proof. Various water conservation techniques are used and there are solar panels above the building that VWSA NSO occupies. Utility charges are low as a result, driving the total cost of occupation lower, for all tenants which occupy the property.

Atholl Towers’ sustainability initiatives during construction included the use of recycled shutter boards for concrete casting, recycled steel components, low formaldehyde timber and finishes. Internally, low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint was used, as were insulation materials and blinds to maximise thermal comfort for tenants. Rainwater harvesting and water conservation systems enhanced Atholl Towers’ sustainability. The building’s Otis GeN2 regen drive elevators, which are up to 75% more efficient than non-generative drive lifts were also included delivering an impressive package of green features.

Atholl Towers – An exciting opportunity for tenants

Stilwell explains that Atholl Towers remains a superb Sandton office complex which promotes sustainable commerce years after its construction.

“We are excited to welcome new tenants to Atholl Towers in 2023, offering among the best in location, amenities and office services across SA,” says Stilwell. 

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