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Capital Finance International (CFI) has named Access Bank South Africa the Best Business Banking Solutions provider in South Africa for 2022. From time to time, Property Flash covers general business news which affects the real estate arena, general investors across South Africa and the country’s citizens.

February 2 2023

Access Bank SA CEO Mrs Sugendhree Reddy on Thursday said she was delighted to hear that Access Bank South Africa had achieved the honour of being named the Best Business Banking solutions provider in South Africa for 2022 by Capital Finance International (CFI).

CFI has an impressive standing as a well-regarded print journal and online resource in the business,
economics and finance sectors, Reddy said.

“This recognition of our dedication, determination and commitment to ensuring that our
customers receive impeccable service and products tailored to meet their needs shows
the progress we continue to make towards becoming the world’s most respected African
Bank,” she said.

Access Bank SA can trace its roots back 76 years from the founding of Bank of Athens
(South Africa), followed by its acquisition by Grobank Limited. It joined the Access Bank
Group in mid-2021, following a rebranding and conversion to include retail and corporate
banking together with the historical business banking division.

“Access Bank South Africa forms part of a financial services conglomerate with a well-
established international presence, including subsidiaries in 12 African countries
including the UK, and the UAE, with representative offices in China, India and Lebanon,”
Reddy said.

She said a comprehensive suite of personal, corporate, business and
alliance banking solutions made Access Bank SA a stand-out financial services
operation in a highly competitive market.

“We are excited by the award from CFI, and will use it as motivation to
continue to raise our standards in every area that we provide services, from everyday
banking such as transactional accounts, deposits, to commercial loans and financing, as
well as Forex and all-important asset finance,” Reddy said.

“We pursue a relationship-centred banking model that focusses on people rather than
products. Business clients benefit from a dedicated relationship manager who make on-
premises visits to ensure the bank has a full understanding of a company’s needs.
Customer satisfaction is a primary pillar of Access Bank SA, and our reputation for
dependability and solutions has become key to the customer-centric model of the
business,” she said.

Reddy said the award would “provide a springboard for the bank’s teams to continue to exceed customer expectations, while focusing on solutions-driven services that make Access Bank a financial operation quickly becoming a first-choice among South Africans.”

Access Bank Plc. is a leading full-service commercial Bank operating through a network
of more than 600 branches and service outlets, spanning three continents, 18 countries
and more than 49-million customers. The Bank employs 28,000 people in its operations in Nigeria
and has subsidiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the UK (with a branch in
Dubai, UAE) and representative offices in China, Lebanon and India.

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