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Vizier Properties, the brainchild of two real estate professionals, has entered SA’s property arena as it looks to help businesses across the country to excel.

John Warmenhoven and Ross Minnaar are two passionate real estate entrepreneurs who came together to form a  group of companies with a focus on being a reliable, efficient, and hands-on provider of services and advice. Vizier is now primed to be a valued part of South Africa’s property industry.

Warmenhoven who began his career in the Western Cape has extensive experience in real estate development and marketing, having worked various residential, commercial, and agricultural developments as well as retail consulting over the past 30 years.

Minnaar previously worked as a commercial and industrial real estate broker. He also has  extensive experience in the health and wellness and oil and gas industries, both locally and internationally.

“I believe that we have created an exceptional group which is able to provide a key assortment of services and skills. We are committed to being best-in-class and focus on building lasting relationships with our clients,” Minnaar says.

Warmenhoven explains that there are more than 40 years of real estate experience between he and Minnaar and their staff.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved. It’s been an exciting journey for both of us. Now, here we are offering vital services for small and medium enterprises across South Africa as we help them to reach the next level as businesses. We’re small and agile enough to get hands-on where needed in our clients’ decisions and processes so that they make the best of them in each situation,” said Warmenhoven. 

Vizier Properties works in brokering, acquisitions, and disposals, among other disciplines, and its business consulting arm provides advice across the real estate and business value chains. Vizier is able to finetune the decision-making process at various levels as it looks to help businesses achieve their goals.

Vizier has also assisted in raising finance for various groups, with a strong track record of assisting new startups and established organisations since its formation in mid-2020.

“We are able to provide a select range of services at an exceptionally high standard. As a small team, we can work efficiently and often more quickly than larger corporate institutions that often get tied up in red tape. We want to achieve a solution for our partners as timeously as possible with the least critical effect on the business,” says Minnaar.

Vizier focuses on being agile and offers tailor-made services for each of its clients. It has access to a network of professionals ranging from financial experts to lawyers, architects, and engineers which its small team has developed over decades.

“We go beyond being a traditional brokerage or advisory. We help private businesses with our extensive capacity and ensure that every angle has been covered.” says Warmenhoven.

Vizier will help with banking and feasibility studies as well as re-accessing equity to facilitate further projects..

 Vizier has experience with an assortment of business owners including developers, portfolio managers, the franchise industry, the insurance industry, the retail industry, the leisure and agricultural industries, manufacturers, and importers and distributors. John Warmenhoven is currently assisting developers and clients as an expert witness in litigation matters and continues to offer this service in property matters.

“We love what we do. We are a practical group with a proposition that is simple, fast and effective,” says Minnaar.

“We define the process well throughout, measuring our success against that definition. Property is a dynamic and hands-on environment, and we love working with it and those who work in this industry every day,” says Warmenhoven.

Minnaar and Warmenhoven are ensuring a bright future ahead for Vizier Properties as they embrace real estate in 2023 and beyond.

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