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March 27 2023

The City of Johannesburg will give property owners more time to inspect and object to valuations of their homes and properties. There were concerns that only a few people have had their objections heard and that the period to object would end on March 31.

But the city announced that the period for the inspection and objection period for its General Valuation Roll (GVR) 2023 has been extended from March 31 to May 5 this year. 

There are numerous problems with the valuation process and systems, which lead to the decision to extend the objection period.

“Some customers have not received their section 49 notices as yet and have requested the city to extend the inspection and objection period,” it said in a media statement.

Ratepayers need to check that their property valuations are reasonable to not overpay on property rates.

The city has established new values for some 940,000 properties. Owners of these properties are set to be charged rates based on the updated valuations from July 2023.

The city determines the values of your property on a market-related willing seller to willing buyer value as of July 1 2022. The rates are charged at a rate-in-the-rand based on the valuations.

Outa provided the following steps to look into valuations.

  • Compare the new value with the current value on your latest City of Johannesburg invoice.
  • If the new value has significantly increased, you can object to it and may get a reduced deal.
  • You don’t need to do anything if you think the new value is fair. If you would like to object, continue with the process.
  • Determine the value of your property and compare.
  • Lodge a complaint with the City of Johannesburg here.

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