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July 11 2023

Octodec Investments Limited (Octodec), the diversified JSE-listed real estate investment trust, has announced the launch of a renovation project for the Ina Building located in the City of Tshwane. This re-development initiative for a medical centre is a strategic move by Octodec to gain better rental returns by serving medical suites in the area.

Ina Building, situated at the corner of Sisulu and Francis Baard Street, was used for archiving purposes. Its strategic location next to the Louis Pasteur Medical Centre which is home to the Louis Pasteur Hospital presented the opportunity to establish a symbiotic relationship between the two structures through the need for additional medical suites in the existing medical centre and repurposing the vacant Ina Building. The renovation will focus on accommodating doctors and healthcare professionals by introducing medical suites in the adjacent but connected building.

The renovation of the five-storey building will encompass both exterior and interior enhancements, with the ground floor remaining dedicated to retail spaces, while the upper floors will be transformed into modern medical suites comprising reception areas and consultation rooms. Physical links will be established between the Louis Pasteur Medical Centre and the Ina Building on the first and fourth floors, ensuring seamless connectivity and convenience for patients and healthcare professionals.

Jeffrey Wapnick, Managing Director of Octodec Investments said the group was thrilled to launch the renovation project for the Ina Building.

“By collaborating with the Louis Pasteur hospital, we aim to create a hub of medical excellence that fosters a warm and comforting environment for patients,” he said.

The upgrade will include the creation of reception and waiting areas. To improve the overall appeal of the building, the perimeter public space and facade will undergo a thorough refurbishment, and as part of the renovation, new bridge connections will be constructed to facilitate easy movement between the existing Louis Pasteur hospital and the Ina Building. The bridges will improve coordination and streamline patient transfers.

With the installation of new bed and stretcher lifts, patients and medical personnel will have efficient and convenient access to the various floors, ensuring smooth movement throughout the facility. To improve connectivity and convenience, a new covered link bridge will be created, connecting the Louis Pasteur parking garage to the Ina Building’s first floor. This addition will provide a sheltered and efficient pathway for patients and visitors.

“Octodec remains dedicated to meeting the changing needs of the community while creating spaces that promote healing, comfort, and innovation. The Ina Building renovation is a strategic investment in Octodec’s diverse portfolio and will unlock the provision of exceptional healthcare facilities,” Wapnick said.

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