Property Flash


Last week, an electricity substation exploded and I was without power for nearly three days. It made it very difficult to produce content for this site. It also made me think about how small businesses are being thrown into very difficult financial positions as they cannot trade for hours. Many young businesses are closing because of loadshedding. Not every sole proprietor can afford inverters and generators. Certain machinery just cannot operate on limited backup power.

Eskom and the government will insist on telling the public that they are shedding how much power they deliver each day, because of high demand but then this “loadshedding” happens and they blame sabotage. The truth is bad maintenance and other problems have led to what are rolling blackouts.

As South Africa enters the festive season, many business owners will be too distraught about how blackouts and bad infrastructure will affect their lives in 2023 and beyond, to have a break and get their mental health in check.

Property Flash will continue to strive on through.

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