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February 27 2023

Devmark Property Management, the specialist management real estate group has the right recipe in place for success in 2023.

The group, which is focusing on maintaining its top class client services and on delivering on its promises, has already seen 2023 get off with a bang.

“We were awarded three new sectional title blocks, plus an industrial park and we are about to sign a contract with a massive property developer in the Boland. This is what has set us apart from our competitors and even as our portfolio grows it is important to keep this level of service,” says operations director Chanet Muller

Devmark Property Management (DPM)’s brand has been built on strong and reliable service delivery.

“We sit behind our desks and always have our cell phones on us, to make sure we are always on top of things and of course being present on our sites is of utmost importance,” says Muller.

In the next five years, Devmark will have a portfolio of mixed properties: residential, commercial, retail, and industrial, under management.

“These properties will be managed with utmost care and professionalism, focusing on the client and over-delivering on our promises. When people hear the name DPM around a dinner conversation it should always be followed by praise for the service we deliver,” says Muller.

DPM is also growing through acquisitions as it gradually expands its service offering.

“We have acquired two other businesses. One specialises in healthcare and the other is involved in energy saving solutions. But for now, our main focus will be property management and I think it will stay this way. Having too many irons in the fire has cost even the most successful companies some serious damages in the past,” says Muller.

DPM is ready to stave off any challenges which may arise in 2023 and will manage SA’s energy crises.

“Lucky for us, people will always need a managing agent to manage their assets. Body corporates, homeowners’ associations and retail property owners, for instance, can’t manage their assets by themselves. Sure if you have one shopping centre, it is possible, but once your private portfolio grows, you almost always need a managing agent to manage it for you,” says Muller.

She stresses however that the electricity crisis in this country does however affect every single individual and business owner.

“No one is exempt from it and it is unfortunately going to take years before it is fixed. It took our government 20 years to run the electricity provision setup into the ground and it will take at least 20 years to rebuild. Not only Eskom, but the entire infrastructure of South Africa (SA) must be rebuilt,” says Muller.

But DPM is committed to investing in itself, its staff and SA where it operates and thrives.

“We just invested in brand new software which will ensure we deliver even better service to our clients than before. It has been a massive operation moving over and we are still busy with training, but once implemented I think it will transform our business,” Muller says.

The DPM management team strives to under-promise and over-deliver.

“Both our MD, Heinrich Ehlers and myself, are always available 24/7. I don’t think there is another property management company out there where you can always get hold of the MD and operations director at all times,” she says.

“We do this, because we know we deliver such quality service, that we hardly ever get phone calls after hours. Unless of course it is an emergency, like a burst pipe or geyser,” says Muller.

DPM also only works with the best contractors and most of them have been walking the DPM journey with DPM from its start.

“We are incredibly passionate about our staff and make sure we look after them. They are after all, the blood that runs through this company, and without them we would not be where we are today,” says Muller.

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