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April 28 2023

Attacq, the JSE-listed real estate investment trust developing Waterfall City has announces that its CEO, Jackie Van Niekerk, was named on the 2023 Definitive List of Women CEOs. She is ranked among other African female leaders in major corporations across the continent.

S&P Global’s Women CEOs: Leadership for a Diverse Future 2022 research found that “women are still significantly underrepresented as CEOs globally, but slightly increased their share to 5.4% in 2022, compared with 5% in 2021.

Both the real estate and health care sectors led with larger percentages of women CEOs. In a recent podcast with S&P Global, van Niekerk said she noted the importance of empowerment and creating environments for women to succeed.

Bringing the lens to Africa, a Harvard Business Review highlighted the need for more diversity among CEOs of big businesses. To be the CEO of a large, listed company in Africa is a rarity for women and recognising them is important.

Van Niekerk took on the CEO role immediately before the COVID-19 pandemic, replacing Melt Hamman.

To mark the evolution of’s Definitive List of Women CEOs, now in its third year, researched and analysed 2,020 listed companies on Africa’s 24 stock exchanges. The companies were screened and needed to earn revenue of $100m a year or more or have a market capitalisation of $150m or more, which yielded a list of 787 companies. The public websites of these 787 companies were examined to determine those women with the title of chief executive officer, managing director, or president and to confirm that these executives have a bottom line, profit and loss responsibility.

Attacq owns 80% of Mall of Africa; the largest shopping centre built in one phase in Africa. Attacq’s Waterfall City based assets are worth more than R13bn, while the value of its total portfolio is worth more than R21bn.

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