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March 15 2024

In a stroke of property development genius, the vibey urban district of The Village in Hazelwood, Pretoria has, along with nearby The Club, been successfully transformed into a larger urban lifestyle zone stretching all the way from the corner of Dely Road and 18th Street up to Firwood Avenue, including almost everything in between. Now branded as Old East Precinct, this corner of Hazelwood has arguably become one of the trendiest suburban city nodes in which to work, mix and mingle.

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Die Klubhuis

The informal, welcoming character of the original Village, with its quirky, attractive assortment of eclectic shops and numerous, seemingly always open restaurants along with many coffee shops spilling onto sidewalks, has not only carefully been maintained, but actively expanded. It’s always tricky to upgrade and refresh an established area known and loved for its casualness. But its relatively new owner, Atterbury Property, has done a remarkable development job with The Village to keep its character intact.


An important aspect of this successful transformation of suburban Hazelwood is the newly established connection between The Village and the more business-like The Club area that houses Die Klubhuis and Club One offices, The Club Retail and Surgical Centres as well as The Advocate Chambers.

Live music has Die Klubhuis buzzing

Old East Precinct has cleverly been designed to allow easy street access to all its attractions. For instance, if you happen to enter the parking lot of Die Klubhuis from the Club area, you can access The Village directly by simply walking up a neat staircase where you’ll land up in Oaktree Avenue, right outside a brand-new retail development called Village Walk, which is an attractive, almost open-air shopping centre that started trading successfully at the end of 2023.

Vibing at Die Klubhuis

Visitors can experience stylish shops here, such as the specialist outlet selling the popular Hoka running shoe brand, the Me & B and Craghoppers fashion retailers, as well as happening restaurants like Burnt, Fireroom and Freddo Café among others.

Alfie’s Italian Café located in The Village– 16th Street Hazelwood, Pretoria

CEO of Atterbury Property South Africa Armond Boshoff is justly proud of Old East Precinct. “Our vision for the invigoration of the district is to protect and nurture its unique suburban culture, while upgrading and reinvigorating infrastructure and amenities to ensure our community feels at home, safe and comfortable here.”

He also remarks that Atterbury Property strives to lead and maintain a structured pace of development and reinvigoration to always ensure the creation and management of property assets that resonate with local communities. “Our implementation of a focused precinct strategy around six years ago, marks a strategic decision that has significantly contributed to the company’s prosperity,” he remarks.

“With Old East Precinct we’ve managed to not only follow suburban renewal trends but we are also happy to report that we’ve even been able to establish some new ways to create and manage community-orientated local spaces ourselves, with the aim of encouraging our community to come here and enjoy themselves in the company of like-minded suburbanites.”

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Club One

In The Club corner of the precinct, businesses thrive in inviting, friendly and neat spaces purpose-developed for specialist tenants such as medical practitioners, advocates and other businesses. Atterbury’s own head office is situated in Die Klubhuis, an aesthetically pleasing building on the corner of 18th Street and Pinaster Avenue. Now that the walk up to The Village is so easily accessed via Die Klubhuis parking lot, many office-bound workers can escape for a meal or coffee with a leisurely stroll.

At the busy retail centre of The Club, restaurants, specialist shops and a Woolies Food offer shoppers additional options to round out the precinct’s variety.


Zandri Wells, the asset manager responsible for Old East Precinct at Atterbury Property, articulates the company’s commitment to the Hazelwood district: “We cherish Hazelwood and its evolution into a dynamic precinct teeming with a rich variety of occupants. Our interventions have introduced unique, bespoke spaces that respond to a long-standing need within Pretoria.

Village Walk – 18 Oaktree Avenue Hazelwood, Pretoria

“The deep connections many of our staff personally have with this area infuses our work here with positive passion and commitment, that visibly helps to lift the profile of eastern Pretoria. Linking The Village, Village Walk and The Club is helping to redefine local benchmarks in suburban development.”

The Village – 16th Street Hazelwood, Pretoria

Wells highlights that better security measures and adept and supported staff have contributed to safer, more effective precinct management than before Atterbury Property purchased The Village. She also highlights the precinct’s broad appeal, serving a wide demographic across all age groups and cultural backgrounds.

“The district is alive with diversity, offering something for everyone. Our tenant mix delivers a wide-ranging experience – perfect for families, young professionals and a mature clientele alike. It’s a place where community, commerce and culture converge, offering an array of options for all,” Wells adds.

The regularly held, ever-popular Club Streetside Market has created a vibey open-air evening festival atmosphere in this area of Old East Precinct, with live music from popular artists such as Elvis Blue, food and drink vendors and a great variety of stalls, plus the often-vocal support of the local community.

Looking forward, The Village is also preparing for a series of engaging events, including a much-anticipated Great Village Picnic occasion. Furthermore, The Village and Village Walk are positioned as vibrant stages for brand activations and a range of artistic, musical and cultural festivities, rivalling renowned precincts such as Parkhurst in Johannesburg and Sea Point in Cape Town, says Wells.

Raya – The Village16th Street Hazelwood, Pretoria


In the property development industry, Atterbury Property’s Old East Precinct is a prime example of a carefully constructed legacy proudly woven into the urban fabric of Pretoria. This year, as the company celebrates 30 years of innovative property development solutions, the precinct is a vibrant showcase of its commitment to blending commerce with community.

Enjoying the precinct

Vibing it up

Looking back over three decades, Atterbury Property has not only witnessed the evolution of retail and commercial spaces but has actively shaped it. Old East Precinct is a crowning achievement, reflecting Atterbury Property’s suburban foresight and adaptability in an ever-changing landscape. This anniversary serves as a milestone, marking the journey from past successes to future ambitions. As an embodiment of its ability to keep pace with contemporary trends while honouring the character of local communities, the precinct is more than a property development, it’s a landmark of progress and an indication of the innovative endeavours still to come.

Goat & Co. – The Village16th Street Hazelwood, Pretoria

This is an advertorial for Atterbury South Africa.

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