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November 1 2023

Cami Lincowski is standing out in Las Vegas Nevada.

This businesswoman has found quick success since she appeared on TLC’s Say Yes to the Nest, selling luxury Las Vegas properties to all kinds of businesspeople, pro athletes and nightlife club owners.

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami, she moved to Las Vegas in 2015 and built her clientele from the ground up. Out of 17,000 agents in Clark County, Camila tops the list amongst her peers.

“After reality TV, I decided it was time for a new career path. With my husband being a top lender in Vegas, why not become an unstoppable team? Besides, I’ve been putting people in their place my whole life, why not make a career out of it,” Lincowski says.

“I really do like helping first-time homebuyers. The whole process is new and foreign to them. It’s a nice feeling to help someone purchase probably the biggest investment in their life,” she says.

What have been her top deals and listings since the pandemic?

“Divorces! A lot of people realized they weren’t compatible being forced to stay home with their spouse for months,” she says.

Vegas is a tax haven.

“Property values here are a steal, at the moment. You can get a $3,000,000 property in Vegas that would easily be a $5,000,000 to $6,000.000 in Miami, New York City, or California,” says Lincowski.

Who is typically buying properties through her?

“I’d say the majority of my clients at the moment are athletes. Vegas is becoming a sports city and there’s no end in sight,” shew says.

Lincowski might just be in a new reality show which is airing soon.

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