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April 29 2024 16:30

Dubai-headquartered DP World, a provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions across 73 countries, is renting space in Midrand’s Waterfall City commercial hub.

DP World has taken sole occupancy of its Nexus Building 2 (Nexus 2), situated in Nexus Waterfall. As the only occupant of this commercial office building, DP World is an example of a group that wants its staff to work from P-grade office space. DP World’s ‘Our World, Our Future’ strategy requires that it operates from green buildings globally. It is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Attacq has said that the building’s design prioritises reducing overall energy consumption within the building, thereby mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and lowering associated costs for tenants. The environmental strategy aims to enhance occupants’ well-being, consequently improving work performance.

There are measures in place to minimise potable water usage through system design.

“Having achieved another Green Building Council of South Africa 5-Star Design rating demonstrates
our commitment to developing more efficient, resilient and environmentally friendly buildings.
We are delighted to welcome DP World into our community, sharing our dedication to
sustainable practices,” said Lourens Du Toit, Attacq’s head of sustainability, infrastructure and land said.

Sub-meters are used as well as occupancy sensor-controlled lighting. The ventilation meets SANS standards with a VRF HVAC system, and a building management system for monitoring and controlling AC systems.

Lourens said the building adhered to fresh air standards to drive further energy savings and improved
indoor air quality. Water filtering units are installed in every kitchen area to avoid single use plastic waste, and waste recycling bins have been placed to encourage separating waste for improved recycling rates.

A 190 kW solar photovoltaic system will also be used.

“DP World’s investment demonstrates our desire to be part of a community with progressive
commitments to sustainable practices, and speaks to our principle of ‘Build for a Better
Future’,” said Jacques van Jaarsveld, senior vice president: strategic projects and
procurement for DP World in sub-Saharan Africa.

DP World’s move into Nexus 2 not only underscores Waterfall City’s stature as a sustainable
trade hub but also signifies a collaborative effort towards a greener future in commercial real
estate, he said.

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