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December 14 2023

Guest piece for Sandton Central Management District

In a community-driven move to boost public services and enhance the safety and experience of
visitors, the Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) has introduced the addition of thirty-two
new tourism ambassadors to the precinct. This initiative, in collaboration with Joburg Tourism, sets
Sandton Central apart as a premier City Improvement District in South Africa, especially during the
bustling festive period.

Sandton Central is renowned for its comprehensive range of services that contribute to a safe, clean,
and friendly environment. The popular ‘Men in Red’ continue their dedicated patrols, ensuring a
secure and welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. Complementing this effort, the district’s efficient
cleaning team will continue their great work in maintaining the area’s aesthetic appeal, making it an
attractive destination for shopping, dining, and tourism.

Adding to the existing security measures, Sandton Central also boasts dedicated patrolling vehicles, a
highly responsive security team, and efficient medic services to respond to emergencies.

The introduction of the new tourism ambassadors, strategically placed at key points throughout the
precinct, marks a significant enhancement to Sandton Central’s public services. These ambassadors
will be stationed at the Gautrain Tourist Kiosk, Sandton City Entrance 12 on Rivonia Road, 5th Street
and Sandton City, Sandton Convention Centre and Maude Street, Sandton Clinic and West Street,
Craft Market and Maude Street, and The Marc on the corner of Rivonia and Maude. Easily
identifiable in their yellow safety jackets, they will provide assistance, guidance, and a friendly face
to both locals and tourists alike.

“As we gear up for the festive season, our priority is to ensure that Sandton Central remains a safe,
clean, and welcoming environment for everyone. The addition of our new tourism ambassadors is
another way we’re enhancing the visitor experience while ensuring top-notch security and assistance
whenever needed,” said Elaine Jack, District Improvement Manager of SCMD.

Robert Jasper, General Manger of the Sandton Sun Hotel and Sandton Convention Centre said:

“The introduction of tourism ambassadors to Sandton Central is a welcome development that
symbolises a commitment to elevating the standard of hospitality and safety in our district. The
ambassadors will serve as the human touchpoint in our ongoing efforts to ensure that every visitor’s
experience embodies the warmth and excellence that Sandton Central is known for.”

With this latest community initiative, Sandton Central will continue to be a premier destination for
both business and leisure activities, offering a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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