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December 21 2023

An increasing influx of Gauteng residents to Cape Town and the rise of digital nomads, has created a surge in the demand for real estate, and BlackBrick, Africa’s expanding apartment hotel network, is positioned to capitalise on this trend with the launch of BlackBrick Gardens. BlackBrick Gardens, situated in Cape Town’s Gardens neighbourhood, is set to be a sophisticated urban investment, which offers opportunities for discerning investors.

In the first quarter of 2023, Cape Town emerged as the top-performing region in the real estate sector of South Africa. Grade-A nominal rentals saw a substantial 13% increase in Cape Town decentralised, outpacing Johannesburg and Pretoria, which saw rises of 2.3% and 1.7%, respectively. These findings indicate Cape Town’s resilience and attractiveness to investors. Looking ahead to 2024, several trends are expected to influence the real estate market. A forecast 100 basis points decrease in interest rates by the Reserve Bank across the year is anticipated. This move aims to stimulate the market, making the first half of 2024 an opportune time for real estate investment.

BlackBrick’s exceptional ascent from zero to over R1bn in sales positions it as one of the fastest-growing apartment hotel networks in Africa. With a focus on investors, the brand has completed three successful buildings in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, with two more developments underway. BlackBrick Gardens, located in the flourishing Gardens neighbourhood of Cape Town, goes beyond conventional real estate offerings. The development features 93 meticulously designed apartments and is set to contribute significantly to the city’s growth and urban revitalisation. With plans for a new Central Improvement District underway, BlackBrick Gardens is poised to improve the neighbourhood.

At the heart of BlackBrick’s transformative strategy is the ecosystem approach, identifying neighbourhoods ready for rejuvenation and upcycling entire buildings. This model integrates short and long-stay apartments with member club facilities, setting BlackBrick apart in the market. The introduction of Members Club, featuring restaurants, co-working areas, a meditation garden, a gym, and pervasive Wi-Fi connectivity, fosters a sense of community and exclusivity.

A Unique Investment Proposition for Businesses

Catering primarily to investors, BlackBrick distinguishes itself with a unique approach that ensures strategic investment. Boasting a proven track record with over R1 billion in sales in the past five years, BlackBrick stands as the premier sales performer in the sector. Investors within the BlackBrick network enjoy additional advantages, including no transfer duties, direct purchases from the developer, and an enticing perk of 10 free nights within the BlackBrick Hotel Network each year. This investment package underscores BlackBrick’s commitment to providing a suite of benefits for its valued investors. I

Rapid Sales Success and Lucrative Returns for Investors

With construction set to commence early next year, BlackBrick Gardens has already achieved a remarkable R100m in sales, breaking records for the area. This success reflects strong demand and confidence in the BlackBrick brand. Investing in BlackBrick Gardens offers promising returns, with a projected 10% net rental yield, surpassing industry averages.

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